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I have been trying to find anything that can help me with my research on the
ARNOW family. Nathan fought in the Civil War. I have a copy of a letter he
wrote, applying for a pension increase. It is written on stationery >from the
above assn. Their headquarters were in Borough Hall....I believe in Brooklyn.
The date of this letter is 1912. If anybody knows this organization or has
any questions...please contact me personally. The only help I can give you is
the long list of officers on the side of the stationery. Unfortunately, most
names do not sound Jewish. Nathan Arnow is listed as the Treasurer...his
address i962 DeKalb Ave.. His son Arthur is first V.P. Does anyone know
DeKalb? Nathan's wife was Lenore Schneller and their children were Arthur,
b.1885 and Jessie b.1883. Jessie married Henry Gruenfeld. That is all I
know.....does anything ring a bell with anyone? Thanks in advance for any help
I can get. Rosann Epner
Highland Park,IL.

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