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Alkrams <alkrams@...>

Joe Ross asks for a private anwer, but I think the information may be of
interest for other people.

Yes there is a jewish community in Montpellier. It is quite an old community.
The first documents concerning Jews in the Archives Departementales are
dated 1716, but according to Daniele Iancu and Mireille Lacave (Bulletin
historique de la ville de Montpellier, n=B07 special), Jews were living in
Montpellier during the Middle Ages.

If you read french, there is a very interesting study about the Jews of
Montpellier : Pierre Burlats-Brun, "Filiations juives a Montpellier de lafin
du XVIIe siecle au Second Empire" in Annales de geneaalogie et d'heraldique,
n=B03, juillet-septembre, p.5-15

(For Joe Ross : I send you privatly the adress of to-day community.)

Anne Lifshitz-Krams
Cercle de Genealogie Juive

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