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R. Naidia Mosher <RNMOSHER@...>

I just made the exciting discovery that my maternal grandfather,
Israel DROZDASH (known as Israel ROSE) came >from Karosgw in Warsaw
after obtaining a copy of his certificate of naturalization at
the Public Records Office in Kew, London. No one in the family
knew where he (& our maternal grandmother Sarah) came from, except
that it was "somewhere in Warsaw," so this was a real coup!!
BTW, in case other Jewishgeners don't know already,the
naturalization papers also give the names and nationalities of
parents; in this case, Solomon and Rachel DROZDASH, Polish.
(Another coup!)

Is anyone familiar with the family DROZDASH >from Karosgw or
with the town or district of Karosgw. Did Karosgw have a large
Jewish community? I'll appreciate even shreds of info!

I also tried to locate my paternal g.f. (Simon Wolf KUJAWSKI
aka KYJAWSKI)'s naturalization papers at the Pub. Records Off.,
and plowed thru 40 odd years of entries--but no luck. His papers
were either lost or maybe he couldn't be bothered--who knows!
BTW, I was advised by Rabbi Schachtner of Yad Vashem in Israel,
that I had misspelt my g.f.'s last name, i.e., KYJAWSKI instead
of KUjAWSKI (with a U). According to Rabbi Schachtner, the
Russian "U" is written with a "Y."

Naidia Mosher

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