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Jim & Sara Feldman <feldmans@...>

We have been using maps published by (curiously enough) American Map of
Maspeth, NY, part of the Leangescheidt Publishing Group. They all use
the general name of <bold>Euro Map</bold>. These are modern country
maps and are available here in Boston in a number of good bookstores.
You might even try <<> I particular, we have a book of maps
on Russia and eastern Europe, maps of Poland, and a city map of Prague.
All provide excellent detail. Even tiny towns (may you be fortunate
enough that they still exist) are there. In general, I have found the
indices useful in locating towns.


Jim Feldman

Ron Feldman wrote

I am also new to this, and I have been reading the discussion group
for a few weeks now. Everyone talks about different regions, provinces
etc. belonging to different countries at different times. Since I do
not know the names and locations of these provinces I find it hard to
go into shtetlfind and have a list of x number of names in different >provinces and know what I want.
Is there any place I can find a more general overview of Eastern
Europe with countries, regions and provinces for different periods of >time, especially if they are in maps.

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