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Gunther Steinberg <Gunther-Steinberg-PV@...>

Gerard Marx asked about Wertheimer and a variant spelling, which was
answered very nicely by Judith Romney Wegner.

Indeed, the town of origin was frequently used as a last name when surname
adoption became obligatory at the turn or the 18th century (Austria earlier
than Germany and France).

If you look in Egmar Ruppert's data base on Jews >from Northern Germany, you
would find that there are five WERTHEIMER families listed >from the
following towns:
Peine, Wulfelade, Hannover, Heimarshausen and Hofgeismar, all starting in
1700 or 1770.
There is one WERTHEIM >from Breidenbach).

But the real origin may still have been WERTHEIM.
By example, one branch of the descendants of Simon >from Kassel (first
mentioned in 1549) took the name of the town where they had lived since
the early 1600s: WARBURG.

Gunther Steinberg
Portola Valley CA USA

Gerard Marx wrote:

Is there a connection between the family names: WERTHEIMER and
Previously posted answer to original message deleted.

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