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Yesterday I replied to an Avrum who was looking for Rodin family. I
clicked on his e.mail address to reply to him, but it BOUNCED?? Could I
therefore ask Avrum to contact me privately and I will give him the Rodin

About 2 weeks ago you published a website add concerning an article
ritten about Libau. My cousin in San Diego (with Libau connections)
is interested in this website and I am wondering if you could let me
have the
website address for him as I did not keep it once I read the article

Much obliged -

ANNE LAPEDUS BREST. Sandton South Africa. (ex Dublin, Ireland)

LAPEDUS/LAPIDUS (all spellings) Lithuania, Latvia, Poland.
BREST - Bauska, Latvia. HODES and LEIBOVITZ (Lubovich) Pikelai.

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