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It's been a long time since I posted a query about

Shachna LISKOWSKY (1856-1937) was born in Bereza (Belarus)
and moved to Antopol to marry Chaya WOLINSKY (1856-1943).

Shachna's parents were Mordecai (1831-1901) and Sarah (1830-1910).
His brothers were: Reuben (1858-1936) who emigrated to Argentina
and Joseph (1860-1940) who died in Warsaw.

Chaya's parents were Velvel and Esther. Chaya's siblings were:
Moshe Yitzak, Naphtalie, Tsiril, Lebke, Shaya.

Velvel's father was Aaron David ben Moshe.
Velvel had 6 brothers including Sander (1855-1943).

Aaron David's brother was Baruch Wolinsky (1809-1917) who had
3 wives and 22 children.

I have been working with Jewishgen members Robert Wolin and
Jay Ivler on linking our WOLINSKY families together and this
represents our latest research.

We have found the following variations of Wolinsky: Wolin,
Wolins, Wolinetz, Woliyniec.

If you have any information, please contact:

Stuart Liss

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