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SVG wrote:

I tried to enter this town in the JewishGen data base, but it was
rejected. Does anyone out there know of it? (I believe it is in
Poland, perhaps near Czernowitz.) Thank you.

Sara Greenberg (Greenstein)
Please e-mail privately

There are three Jaworo'w [pron. ya vo ruff]i n modern Poland (borders

1. North of Pulawy, Lublin province
2. Wroclaw province(ex German territory (Breslau) prior to 1945)
3. Near Kutno, Plock province

Another Jaworow (now is called Yavoriv) is located in Ukraine NE from
Lviv (Polish Lwow), ex Austrian Galicia and ex Poland territory between
1918-1939. There is a bit of diastance to Czernowice, located in SE
direction >from this paryicular Jaworow.

Alexander Sharon
Calgary, Alberta

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