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Dear Hoam,
The name AMZALAK, very similar to the name you are looking for AMZALLAG,
appears around 15 times int the US Dept of State Consular Post Records for
Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa. You can search this database at the JewishGen
we-site. Go to Databases, Israel, US Dept of State Cons. Post Records for
Jerusalem, Jaffa and Haifa.

The Amzalak given names that appear are Bension, Botisa, David, Joseph,
Oro, Samuel and Sara , with references to the cities of Jerusalem, Jaffa,
Tunis and Cairo.

I'm responding to the digest, rather than to Hoam alone, to point out that
this is a very valuable database. You may not be aware that an ancestor
had any dealings with the US State Dept, or that any relative spent any
time in Jerusalem, Jaffa or Haifa, but many, many did.

Roberta Solit


RAPAPORT, ESTREICHER, GOLDENBERG - Subcarpathian Ruthenia (Velikeye
Komyati, Korolevo, Beregovo, Vinogradov)
AUSTRIA, AUSTIN - London, Eng.
MALKUS, GREENFIELD, AUSLANDER- Bessarabia (Tirsapol, Kishinev)
SCHEIN, SEANU, GREENFELD- Bucharest, Romania
ZOLITNITZKY, SCHNEIDER- Izabeline (Grodno), Belarus
RAIZEN, MAZIE, KATCHENOFSKY- Kletsk, Nesvizh, (Minsk), Belarus

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