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Dear Jewgenners,

The ShtetleSeeker gave me 39 near-matches for Karosgw, the town of
origin in Poland of my maternal g.f. ISRAEL DROZDASH. I've listed
below the names which, to me, at least, come closest to Karosgw. BTW,
I looked in my atlas and the only Karosgw I could find in the world
was in Tasmania! Is it possible that former residents of Karosgw
emigrated there? And why go to Tasmania? I find it very perplexing.

The distance/direction >from Warsaw vary >from 58 miles (Kierzkow); 64
miles (Kraszkow); 69 miles (Gorzechowo); and 74 miles (Chrzachow) to
as much as 265 miles (yet another Kierzkow). Since my g.f. told his
children he came >from "somewhere near Warsaw" I assume his shtetl would
have been within 50 miles of Warsaw (that was a very long way in those
days), but who knows!!!

Charzykowy Chrzachow, Gorzakiew, Gorzechowo, Gorzkow, Gorzuchow, Gorzykow
or, Groskowa, Hryckowe, Kierzkow, Korczycow, Korzkiew, Kraczkow, Kraskow,
Kreczkow, Krzykawa, Kuraszkow (and several variants of some).

Does anyone know which, if any of the above names might be transliterated
as Karosgw? I'd appreciate any advice I can get.

Naidia Mosher

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