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Barbara Relles <rellesb@...>

I recently discovered that my gf Abraham Spiegeland is buried in the
Erste Filishter Section of the Mt. Hebron Cemetery. I also have learned
from other documents that he came >from Falesti, Bessarabia (now
Moldova). I am assuming that the Erste Filishter Society was indeed an
organization of immigrants >from Falesti. However, I have not been able
to unearth any information about this society. The cemetery no longer
has an address for this organization. Can anyone help?
Many thanks.
Barbara Relles

Also researching:
Pisnoy, Polishuk - Jashkov, Sokoliefka, Kiev, Ukraine
Spiegeland, Schwartz - Falesti, Bessarabia
Mathis, Grunberg - Fastov, Kiev, Ukraine

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