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I'm also looking for any information available on his sons Rabbi Meir
Asch and Rabbi David Asch of Sobrance. I'm also searching for Rabbi
Yossef Meir Weiss of Sappinka. It is my understanding that Rabbi
Menachem and Rabbi Yossef Meir studied together. In trying to track down
my family tree I've come across these Rabbis and I'm trying to find out
how the family is connected. Rabbi Yitchok Issac Weiss who was a son of
Rabbi Yossef Meir took over his place as leader of the Sappinker
followers after his passing. Rabbi Yitchok Issac Weiss died in Aushwitz
in 1944. My late mother had two aunts who passed away in the late 1950's
by the names of Chaya and Rochelle Weiss and who lived on the Lower East
Side of New York. I'm told that they were direct descendants of Rabbi
Yossef Meyer Weiss of Sappinka.

Any insight or guidance would be very helpful.

Please write to Emil (Menachem) Grossman by Email to:

Emil Grossman
Thornhill, Ontario.

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