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lee green <leedave@...>

Looking for any information about a slave labor ammunition factory in or
just outside of the Czestochow ghetto, called Hassok Palcary (the spelling
is most likely incorrect, but it sounds like the previous spelling) My
family and myself were forced laborers during the period l942-44. I was
only a child of 9 or l0 and cannot remember much, except the long hours of
work, no food, no drink, sleeping in and around the work place, under the
nazi gun, where I remained with serious physical disabilities to this day!
My search is for any one that was there that knows who the factory
principals were, so that I may begin a claim for the hardship I have
endured. My name is David Green and I live in Toronto, Canada. My e.mail
Kindly respond with any info. that you may have! Thanks!

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