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Alexander Sharon <sharon@...>

David Gordon wrote:

Ada Holtzman asked about the correct spelling and location of "Jakszyc"
Poland, supposedly located in the Warthegau (a German name). There is
nothing I know of in Poland that is spelled that way. However, there
are at least three towns with the name of Jaksice (YAHK-shih-tzeh).
1. About 35 km southwest of Torun, on the road >from Inowroclaw to
2. About 35 km due north of Cracow, about 7 km southwest of
Miechow; and
3. About 35 km west northwest of Tarnow on the Wisla (Vistula)
Of these, the first, given its proximity to the Warta River (Warthe in
German; this part of Poland was known as Wartheland during WWI) and to
Konin, seems the only logical choice--but I defer, as always, to
Alexander Sharon's expertise. Good luck.

David Gordon
Chicago, Illinois
A well deserved 'shpilke' >from David Gordon, indeed.

In my previous posting to Ada Holtzman, I have concentrated on the shtetls
Jaksice, both located in Kielce area, and I forgot to mentioned Jaksice in
western Poland. And as David have properly suggested, this is the most
logical choice of a shtetl, >from where people were transferred to Konin's
concentration camp. One correction, David: Wartheland has been known during
WWII, not WWI, when western Poland was incorporated into the Reich. As a
punishment, I have devoted large part of my weekend time to the
investigation around the Jaksice area. I have managed to retrieve already
some information and I will publish more in the near future, as new data
became available. Eventually, all the gathered information will be combine
to establish the entry in the JewishGen website for the shtetl seekers.

This particular area in Poland incorporating lands around Inowroclaw,
Bydgoszcz (German: Bromberg) is known as Kujawy [ku ya veeh] and this area
has been incorporated into Warthegau (Wartheland). In close proximity to
this land, lies Torun, the city of Nicolaus Copernicus which became during
WWII part of Reichsgau.

Alexander Sharon

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