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Another possibility is the Bronx Historical SOciety...they are
expanding now and will have even more accessible information was an enjoyable's up near Montefiore Hospital.
They have microfilms of the local Bronx News....I believe the
42nd St Library has copies of a Bronx Jewish Newspaper. The
Jewish Theological Seminary on Broadway and about 122 St also
has a wealth of accessible information and helpful librarians.

On a similar subject, the WPA published a list of synagogue
memberships during the Depression...I found the book listing all
the synagogues whose membership they catalogued while browsing
in the Genealogy Div of the 42 ST Library, but have never been
able to find the 2 volume membership list of my grandparents'
synagogue, Sons of Eliezer, Moses and Machizey 497 E 139 St,
although I have written to Waltham, YiVO, Cincinnatti and the
Jewish Historical SOciety...does anyone have further suggestions?

Jane Lowenkron,

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