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Pawel Tomaszewski <petomasz@...>

Preparing the monograph of Prof. Jan Czochralski (1885-1953), famous
polish metallurgist and chemist, I have some questions to answer. Could you
help me ?

1. It concerns the aid of Prof. Czochralski offered to two Jewish women
during World War II: Leonora (or: Eleonora) LESSER and B. KRZESINSKA. I
don't know what was their residence before WWII. I suppose only that it
was Warsaw in Poland. Both were kept in hiding in the house of Czochralski
at the address: ul. Nabielaka in Warsaw (Warszawa), Poland. Could you help
me in verifying this fact ? How to find the families of those women ?
What institution could help in my search ?

2. I have also another problem concerning the last War. I am searching the
(or directors ?) of the metallurgic wholesale firm "Graff S." (address
before the War:
ul. Grzybowska 10, Warsaw, Poland) - A. WILNER and M. WOLMAN. What happened
to those men ? Are the families living now in Israel ? During the War,
Prof. Czochralski according to the gentleman agreement, was a formal owner
of the "Graff S." establishment. He paid some money to the Warsaw Ghetto
(to former owners ?). Could you help me in the verification of this fact ?

Were those women and men saved >from Holocaust ? I will be grateful for any
information that would help me in finding their families. I wish to establish
contact with any of their descendants or relatives.

With the best regards

Wroclaw - Poland

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