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Eleanor Bien writes:

"I have checked the Discussion Group Archives and the Hungarian SIG Lists
Archives and found nothing about this subject. I have tried the Library of
Congress and local libraries and have come up empty. Surely this major
capital city had directories."

Funny, you should ask. Yesterday, I was searching the Austrian National
Library's on line catalog <> for Polish and Galician
directories and did come acrsoss some for Budapest. Look under the subject
heading "Adressbucher" and don't forget to look not only for Budapest but
also for drectories of the whole Austro-Hungarian Empire. BTW I will be
going to Vienna next month to look at these directories.

In addition, you may want to search the catalogs of the British Library and
the Biblioteque National in Paris. They also have directories. Finally,
the best place would be the Hungarian National Library -- a place I have
not researched yet.

Jeff Cymbler

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