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The name Jedidiah (Yud-Dalet-Yud-Dalet-Yud-He) is a common name that is
used by male and female, special in the Orient as a female name. The
source is: Shemuel B cap 14 ,24,25.:

...And she bore a son, and he called his name Solomon and the lord love
him .And he sent by the hand of Nathan the prophet, and he called his
name Jedidiah.

You see it is a Biblical name. You second question is about Louis and
you give in you letter the answer. Louis is Levy and also Lieber is
Levy. ( in some cases at can be Yehuda Leib ,and Lieber come >from
Lamed-Yud-Bet the Hebrew letters for Leib) . So the Hebrew name was
Yakow ben Jedidiah and the family name is Ha-Levy.

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