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New additons to the "Wall of Honor" at:

include a "get well" note to Werner A. "Bud" Strauss, a long-time GerSIG
member. I received a note >from one of Bud's daughters telling of his recent
illness. She said that Mr. Strauss enjoys reading email printouts that
she brings to his hospital room.

For privacy reasons we can't post contact information to the list but it can
possibly be located using the SIG or JGDG search engines.

It's not too late to add YOUR messages to the JewishGen Wall of Honor
during the 2004 tax year. Donations to JewishGen are tax deductable in the
USA and Canada. Those donations help pay for the computer equipment needed to
keep the GerSIG Forum and GerSIG website up and running.

John Paul Lowens, GerSig Coordinator

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