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Judith Romney Wegner

1) Does Nehemya Zvi = Chaimas Girsas?
Girsas would certainly be a Lithuanian version of the Yiddish translation
of the Hebrew name Zvi (which is Hirsh -- meaning "stag.") You can
ignore the "as" ending which is quintessentially Lithuanian, that leaves
only GIRS. G is often written for H, especially in Russian where they are
the same sound -- and S is often written for SH, because that sound is
rendered by S in many languages.

Nehemya is not the same as Chaim, Nehemya being the name of a biblical
prophet, and Chaim not being a biblical name at all. However, if one
shortens Nehemya to the nickname "Hemya" (where the H is a guttural Het)
one can see how it would come out as Chaim plus the -as ending in

Judith Romney Wegner

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