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I have some burial records >from Frensdorf, near Bamberg, in Germany. The
date in Hebrew is given as Heh-Vav. Heh is five and Vav is six, so it
would be the 11th of the month, which to my knowledge is always written

The only two dates that commonly have an anomaly in Hebrew, are 15 (written
Tet-Vav, 9+6) and 16 (written Tet-Zayin, 9+7). In both cases this is to
avoid writing a Divine name. Yod aleph is not a divine name to my
knowledge in Hebrew (perhaps, though, in Aramaic?).

Were these ancestors of min foolish, ignorant, superstitious or extra pious?

Michael Bernet

BERNET, BERNAT, BAERNET etc >from Frensdorf, Bamberg, Nurnberg, (Bavaria)
KONIGSHOFER: Welbhausen, Konigshofen, Furth (S. Germany)
ALTMANN: Kattowitz, Breslau, Poznan, Beuthen--Upper Silesia/Poland
WOLF(F): Frankfurt, Wurzburg, Furth, Yugoslavia, Westchester
WOLF, Sali & Rachel, Rotterdam, murdered by Dr. Petiot, Paris ca 1942
WEIL[L], Albert, Fr. hon. consul in Nurnberg; returned to France 1936/7.

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