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Susan E. King <susan.king@...>

Just one short year ago, JewishGen launched the Holocaust Global
Registry. It was the eve of Kristallnacht, lest we forget.

Under the leadership of Kathy Altmann, the Holocaust Global Registry
has grown >from a figment of our imaginations into a master database of
survivors, those of us searching for survivors and those who's
identity may have been changed.

Today, the Holocaust Global Registry has over 1350 entries. One only
has to read one or two of the remembrances posted here to be reminded
of what really happened during those grim years.

JewishGen is proud to be able to claim at least one family reunion
made over 50 years later because of information posted by YOU to this
important database. One connection to us is worth its weight in gold!

In the "spirit" of sharing, JewishGen recently began the process of
sending "looking for" posts >from the Holocaust Global Registry to The
Shoah Foundation where they are being checked against the records of
survivors they have interviewed, in hopes that this cooperative spirit
between two organizations will yield a few more miracles.

JewishGen also recently began to host the Missing Identity site, their purpose ... to
assist child survivors with finding their identity and connecting with
their past.

As we all go about our daily tasks over the next day, let us take a
few minutes >from our hectic schedules to just remember what went on
many years ago today.

And let us march forward ever so quickly to "preserve this precious
history". For it is this "spirit" of sharing and giving which has
become JewishGen's hallmark over these many years. One only has to
look at the growing source of information now available on JewishGen
to truly realize that this "spirit" lives within us all. It is truly


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