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An Alsatian genealogy expert, not Jewish, Francis BUSSER, cites as a Jewish
expert on Alsatian Jews one G. RUEFF. I do not know where he lived, but it
was some years ago and Rueff had in addition been a radio ham and,
according to Busser, "very religious."

Busser attributes to Rueff his belief that "Until the beginning of the 19th
Century . . . Jewish families in which most of the boys were named
Suesslein/Suessel, or Hirsch, or both." Busser believes that Rueff was
talking mainly about Weissenburg, Heilbronn and Frankfurt.

I had never heard eslewhere of any such tradition. Is anyone else aware of
such a custom?

HOWEVER, my Bernet family tree is headed by one HIRSCH (father's name
unknown) who settled in Frensdorf near Bamberg (Bavaria) in the mid-17th
century and there fathered a son Suessel Hirsch, whose sons all took the
last name Suesslein. The names Suessel/Suesslein subsequently alternated in
various branches of the family with Hirsch for many generations.

I would appreciate any information on G. Rueff, and any information on any
other family in which the Hirsch/Suessel names alternated.

Michael Bernet

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