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I am a descendant of a man why came to the shtetl Zbarazh (W of Lvov) in
about the 1830-1840s. Apparently, he was avoiding induction into the
Russian Army. It is said that he name when he arrived was ARAK, but I
believe that he was >from a place named ARAK (possibly W. of Budapest,
although there are also ARAKS in Algeria and Iran), so they called him
ARAK. Anyway, the story is that he was given the name SCHARF >from a
gravestone in the shtetl. I'm trying to find out who he was; where he
was from; and other descendants of THAT SCHARF >from Zbarazh. Can
anyone help with records I might review, or places to research, or
perhaps family histories that could include this man?

This man, now SCHARF, eventually married a woman who lived to 104 yrs.
old; they had a son, Simon -Shimshun-, who married Bessie Pickholtz and
when she died young (they had a daughter), a woman named
Kotcher/Katcher. They had 3 children, Libby, Clara, and Philip, my
grandfather, in 1876; a tinsmith, Philip came to the US in 1905 to E.New
York, then Flatbush. Because Bessie, Philip's mother, died young,
Philip was raised by his grandparents, the former ARAK and his wife.
Philip's parents, Simon and [blank] Kotcher Scharf, were caretakers of
a/the Buber estate.

Philip married Sarah Redner, born Skalat, 1884, my grandmother, who came
to the US in 1907.

Can anyone help me find this ARAK relation?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Irene Scharf

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