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I realize that most subscribers to this list may be unaware of Jewish
prohibitions on gossip. Nevertheless, completely aside >from the question
of religious beliefs, I would suggest that we make some attempt to limit
unnecessary references to negative information about other persons,
especially living persons.

For example, specifically, Eric's post about his trip to Grodno and his
repetition of gossip which he had heard concerning Mr. Yuri Chaimovich
Boyarsky which portrayed him as dishonest and a liar. As we see >from Mr.
Yuri Scherbina's very helpful subsequent post, the information about Mr.
Boyarsky was very likely untrue.

I feel compelled to object to the slander of Mr. Boyarsky both as a fellow
Jew and because we could possibly be distantly related (my paternal
grandmother was of a Boyarsky family >from the Grodno area). Another example
would be the post about the Threatening Letter, however, at least in that
case, the person was not identified by name.

Could we all please just use the slightest bit of discretion?

Elissa Levan

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