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Arlene Stein <dybuk@...>

I really need help with this one!

My mother, Rose (Ruth) TEITELBAUM LAMBECK, told me she was born in Sniatyn,
Austria, Galicia (now Ukraine) in 1908. The birthplace shown on her 1928
Declaration of Intention and on her 1930 Petition for Citizenship is
Sniatyn, Poland, and her last foreign residence on those documents is shown
as Jaslo, Poland.

Today I viewed the manifest microfilm of her 1922 arrival to US and found
that her birthplace is listed as Crudec, Poland, Galicia, and her last
permanent residence as Crudec, Poland.

Where is/was Crudec, Poland? I checked the ShetlSeeker and found 102
possibilites in Ukraine; 45 in Poland; and 9 in Austria, none of which had
the exact spelling.

Can anyone think of a logical explanation as to why she would have given me
erroneous information or, in the alternative, why the birthplace and
foreign residence information on the manifest is incorrect?

She and her older brother, Jack (Yankel) were brought here by their
maternal uncle, Nathan WEINBERG, of Newark, NJ, after the death of their
mother and then their father. Her age on the manifest is 12, although she
repeatedly told me that she was 14 when she emigrated.

All thoughts, insights and explanations will be sincerely appreciated.

Arlene Lambeck Stein
Springfield, NJ

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