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I was told that my ggf Schmuel KAMPEL, as far as we know: Slupia Nowa
(Kielce gubernia)... was also known as Schmuel Pizityker >from the
Province of Radom (Radom gubernia).
I have not found any surname-reference to any Pizityker yet, however I
found that nearby Radom there are 2 towns named Przytyk and Przytyki.
Is it reasonable to suppose he was Schmuel ">from Przytyk" Kampel?
Are there any records online for Slupia Nowa and Przytyk?

There are no 'records online', but there are existing 19th-century
Jewish vital records in Poland, which were microfilmed by the Mormons.
Records on many of these microfilms have been extracted by volunteers
and published in the "Kielce-Radom SIG Journal".
See <> for more information.

Birth, marriage and death extracts for Przytyk for 1826-1830 were
published in Vol. I, No. 4, pages 53-65; and BMD for 1831-1836 were
published in Vol. II, No. 4, pages 44-55.

The Jewish community of Slupia Nowa appears to have not kept its
own vital records until 1890. Prior to that, Slupia Nowa residents
registered their events in the nearby town of Opatow. Extracts
of Jewish marriages in Opatow for 1855-1862 appeared in the
"Kielce-Radom SIG Journal", Vol. I, No. 4, pages 40-52.
The community's vital records for 1890 thru 1940 are still in
the USC (Urzad Stanu Cywilnego = Civil Registration Office) in
Nowa Slupia.

See the JewishGen InfoFile "Vital Records in Poland" at
<> for more info.


Warren Blatt
Boston, MA

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