JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Can't say thank you to all of you personally #general

A. E. Jordan

In response to my request for help reading the Hebrew inscription on my great
grandfather's tombstone I was flooded with offers of "Jewish Gen Oricity" ie
help. I can not write back and say thank youto each of you individually so
please accept in this form a thank you for your offer of help.

I have been working with Stan Goodman in Isreal on the stones and he is being
extremely helpful. Thank you again Stan.

Also thanks to Nir Alon who also helped out with information.

If I over stay my welcome with Stan I might have to call on a few additional
friends >from the list -- but in the meantime a million thank yous to everyone
who offered to help out. It is my foundish wish that all of you may have a
wonderful new discovery in your search in exchange for your kind offer to take
time to help me in my search.

Allan Jordan

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