JewishGen Discussion Group #JewishGen Re: Yitskhak - brothers or cousins ? #general

H. Marshall Schaffner <hmssaba@...>

Initially I'd like to thank those that responded to my inquiry via
newsgroup and by private email. Based on the information supplied to me
from this newsgroup, then further review of tombstone pictures, and
discussions with family members I have the following to offer:
Stan Goodman supplied me with the information about "patronymic" names.
Sure enough when I asked family members, I found out that it was the custom
of my father's generation (all immigrants) for at least one son to take on
the father's Hebrew name after the father's death. It usually was the
eldest son and the other son's would add, as a middle initial, the first
letter of the father's name. For example one of my siblings informed me
that my father added the letter H. after his father Hirsh's death. (i.e.
Samuel H. Schaffner) This is reflected in four branches that are related as
first cousins.

Chaim Freedman's information ties into the tombstone inscriptions for my
father and each of his cousins that I have been able to locate. While in
life they took on their father's Hebrew name as a second name or initial,
that adopted Hebrew name is not reflected upon their respective tombstones.

Marshall Schaffner
Martinez, CA

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