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Elizabeth Levy <ealevygen@...>

Dear Gersig Friends,

I have just been notified by a wonderful German man, Mr. Reinhard Klopf,
that he has put a site on the web with information about the Massbach,
Bavaria Jewish community. There is general information about the Jewish
community and a number of people listed who lived there. The site is in

For those interested in the area of Massbach, the site is

Reinhard lives in Poppenlauer and has also made a webpage about the Jews of
Poppenlauer and put out a detailed book "Juden in Poppenlauer" which
contains all the archival material found in the local archive on the Jews of
Poppenlauer. He sent me a copy because my Friedmann ancestors lived there.
It was a very small Jewish community but other names listed include:


I am happy to help out anyone with questions about these families however, I
would prefer not to get "wildcard" requests. If you know that your family
with these names lived in Poppenlauer, I will happily copy what I have for
you. (My apologies but I am very busy these days!) I have asked Reinhard
to allow me to provide a copy for the Central Archives for the History of
the Jewish People in Jerusalem and he happily agreed so a copy is now
available there as well.

If you visit you can find information on the
Poppenlauer Jewish community as well. Best regards to all,

Elizabeth Levy Mevassaret Zion, Israel <ealevygen@...>

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