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Steven Chall <steven.chall@...>

This thread originated >from Lee Iacocca's comments on Good Morning
I am including a snippet of the original response I received >from Peg
Zitko at the Ellis Island PR departmet, my followup and her most recent
reply. It would also appear that, for genealogists, this will be far
from a primary source of documentation. Of course, any lead is worth
I must confess that I still do not understand the value of a "private
file" on the Ellis Island system.

613 Steven Chall in Minneapolis, MN =[;-)

Peg wrote:
SNIP<<Sorry for the misunderstanding, but you will not be able to change
ships' manifest info in the database. What was meant to be communicated
was that once info is found, you will be able to open a file on that
immigrant so that that info will be even more easily accessible to
researchers in the future -- or you could keep the file private for
only your use. >>SNIP
I asked:
Does this mean I will be able to add data about my grandparents (already
inscribed on the Wall of Honor) that will be accessible to everyone?
Why would it be easier for someone in the future? Or would I be creating
a new file for them? What purpose is served by a private file on your
system that no one else can access?
Peg responded:
It does mean you will be able to open a file on your grandparents and add
certain information that you may have. It would be a new file, or
expanded file, because the Wall database only includes the honoree's name
and country of origin.
You would be able to add year of entry, port of departure, ship name,
etc., if you knew it. We do believe most people would want to have the
file for public use, but there may be those who don't, and we will
accommodate their wishes as well.

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