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David and Toby Curwin <curwin@...>

Hello to all!.
Can any one explain the meaning of three words I saw
on my Gfather grave.(Hebrew letters).
I would guess "b'seiva tova" -- "in a ripe old age".

I'm not sure about this one, it probably depends on context.
It could stand for "min ha'olam" -- ">from this world" (as in
passed ">from this world").

Couldn't come up with anything for this one.

-David Curwin
Kvutzat Yavne, Israel

In Lithuania: SUZMAN (Balbieriskis), ROGOFF (Raguva/Vilkomir/Anyksciai),
BERMAN (Anyksciai), TATELMAN/ MIRVIS (Seduva), FRAKT/ CRONIK (Jonava),
GARBER (Krekenava), BUROFSKY/ BOROWSKI (Salantai), PAGLIN (?)
In Belarus: ZIDES/ ONGEIBERG (Slutsk)
In Poland: YASKOLKA (Ciechanowiec/Grodno), MALOWER (Lomza)

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