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Henry Wellisch <Henry_Wellisch@...>

My mothers brother Ferencz (Ferdinand) Deutsch emigrated to the US
around 1907, was living in New York, and working as a baker. Around
1928 he disappeared and has never been heard of again. He was a
bachelor and I located him in the 1920 US census under the name of
FRANK DEUTSCH, NY,75 West 14th Street. Under "Citizenship" the
census form states 1908 Al. Does this mean that in 1920 he was still
an alien? If he had applied for citizenship where would I have to
look? I understand that there exists a 1925 NY State census which is
available >from the Mormons. Is this census indexed? I did receive
from the NY Dept. of Health the death record of a Frank Louis
Deutsch, but this was not my uncle. Where else can I look?
Henry Wellisch

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