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A.Sharon <a.sharon@...> wrote:

...when you zoom in on Mapquest to the highest magnification, you can see the
star but still can't see the town. My aunt told me many years ago that the
family came >from Sterkovitz, which was part of Austria-Hungary but the people
spoke Polish. I could never find it, even with the help of Zachary Baker many
years ago.

About a month ago, I tried it again on Shtetl Finder, and I got an amazing
phonetic match on Sterkovce in Slovakia, about 5 miles >from the Polish border
- right where it should have been. However, when I tried putting it in JGFF,
it told me I was the first one for the town. After I double-checked the
spellings, I put it in anyway.
Steve Stein > Highland Park, NJ
Steve and the other JewishGeners,

Try sometime use THIS map, every smallest village is on it, even

Alexander Sharon

ps. when visiting Sterkovce, click on "Back" and enter the name of the
place, you are lookong for.

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