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In response to Mr. Ouziel question,

Can any one explain the meaning of three words I saw
on my Gfather grave.(Hebrew letters).
here are my suggestions:

"beshem tov" - with good name, good reputation (considered more important
than all the money and other possessions, nobody takes with him to
the other world...)

"Khai leshona" - in Aramic: meaning "beze halashon", in these words.

Michtav Ha'iti - >from the inscription of time

I would also like to draw your attention to something I posted about
abbreviations and terms used to be inscribed on Jewish Tombstones in Poland,
at my web page:
I welcome any comments/corrections/additions...

I encountered nearly most of theses terms while deciphering
inscriptions found on remnants of matzevot >from the cemetery of Grodzisk
Mazowieczki and Gombin (Gabin).

The list was compiled >from various sources and kind Jewishgenners also helped
me a while ago when I made some inquiries regarding some terms I couldn't
There are still two abbreviations I ask the wise council of JewishGen
to advise what they stand for:

*Bet Ayin He Mem Khet

*Samech Gimel Lamed


Ada Holtzman
Web site:

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