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<< The name of parashat "Hayyei Sarah", in its Yiddishized pronunciation,
sounds a lot like the double-barrelled female name "Hayyah-Sarah" -- and
this is no doubt the reason why this particular name-combination became
quite common.
Judith Romney Wegner>>

==A little more than that. The commentators make much of the fact that the
Torah, in noting the death of Sarah, starts off with the words "And this is
the life of Sarah . . ." The emphasis on life, in the face of death, is very
powerful in Jewish tradition, and coupling Chaya (Chayey) Sarah together in a
girl's name is to suggest that she should have a rich, long and happy life.

In Hebrerw, Chaya is essentially a female form of the adjective Chay, alive.
Chayim, Life, is actually a plural noun (there is no singular fomr--in this
way it parallels Mayim, water, for which there is no singular form). Chayey is
the grammatical form (s'michut in Hebrew) for life OF.

Michael Bernet

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