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Dear Jewishgenners,

I knew my Grandma Gitel used five maiden names and I knew she came to
America with a cousin and her children. So I looked up Grandma's
passenger manifest under her cousin, Perl Furman.

I also knew Grandma had been quarantined in Montreal for 10 days and
this was in 1906.

All arrivals to the United States via Canada are know as St. Alban's
lists (after St. Alban's, Vermont, one of many ports of entry) and they
are soundexed and give a great deal of information just on the soundex
card. They are listed in the Mormon FHC catalog under United States,
"Emigration and Immigration". The National Archives in Washington has a
complete set also. My regional archives here in Atlanta, only has a
partial set so I went to the FHC. See below for information on how to
get the manifests >from Canadian archives.

I burst into tears when I found Perl Furman in the soundex card listed
as going to her husband Sam Furman in Minneapolis arriving on the SS
Dominion on April 23, 1906 in Quebec. Even though there was no mention
of Grandma Gitel, I knew she was on this ship. Then I had to order the
actual manifest.

So two weeks later I received the American manifest and found Gitel
listed under Perl. But there were only 41 people on the ship. I was
suspicious that the ship was so small so I looked for the Canadian
Archives on the web

and found out you can get the Canadian manifest through Interlibrary
loan or as the Canadian Archives calls it Interinstitutional Loan.
So I found the webpage for Quebec arrivals (click on "Genealogy") and
wrote down the film #. Then I looked for the address of the Canadian
Archives and filed an interlibrary loan.

The whole library staff in my local library insisted that it was
impossible. But the interlibrary loan clerk >from the main branch just
happened to be visiting my particular branch that day and told me she
has requested material >from Canada.

So for $3.00 and (the first time) a 9 week wait, the second manifest I
requested took only 4 weeks, I received Grandma's Canadian manifest.
This was for the entire ship, with 1280 passengers, and it lists how
many were in each class, with 823 in 3rd (Steerage) class.

There was a special section in 3rd class entitled "3rd Class USA bound
passengers." It had "Grosse Isle" stamped besides Gitel and Perl and the
four children. I asked Stanley Diamond what it was and he said it was
Canada's "Ellis Island". It is an island in the St. Lawrence River
upstream >from Quebec City.

They were indeed quarantined for 10 days. I almost forgot, Gitel had
another maiden name. She traveled as Gitel Furman. I was incredulous and
livid. I was sure this time I would find her real maiden name.

I sent the manifest to my mother and her four sisters. Not one of them
bothered to answer. I asked my mother who said "we already knew that!"
I said as sarcastically as possible, "I'm sure you knew the name of the
ship, the date of arrival and that she was Gitel Furman."

Grandma's original maiden name was Gitel Sher. Everyone in the family
knows this, I just cannot prove it.

Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

Searching BROUDE (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis, Philadelphia
KAPLAN (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis
FLEISHER (Kelme, Lithuania)
GRABINA (Wyszkow, Poland)
ZIMNOWODZ (Warsaw and Wyszkow, Poland)
SHER (Tolstoye, Ukraine) formerly Touste, Austria

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