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Which JewishGenner in South-Africa can help me on the way:-

FRANKFORT Michel(unmarried)-railwayclerk-emigrated >from the Netherlands
(province of Overijssel) to Transvaal(S.A.) in 1897.

How can I find out what became of him and what are the sources in
South-Africa to turn to ?

Details known:

Born 1 November 1868 in Deventer(Overijssel-Netherlands)-parents:

Hartog Joseph Frankfort
(about the parents more details are known)

He was married(date unknown-also unknown when he became "unmarried"
again-see above) to:-

Rachel PELS-born 13 January 1877 in Arnhem-daughter of Alexander Pels

I shall be grateful for any reply.

Shalom >from Israel,

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