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Patricia Adams

Deborah Dworski recently inquired about a family member serving as a tailor
in the Russian military. I have just had a relative provide me with some
wonderful history on a branch of my family. Before coming to the US (NYC)
in 1893 with his wife and three oldest daughters, my ggrandfather was
supposedly a tailor who made uniforms for the Czars army. He and the family
traveled between Moscow and Brest-Litovsk. Although I was also told by
other family that they came >from Chubakhenaroy. The reason he was able to
leave Russia was supposedly because of connections. Beyond the information
on the 1900 census, I have not yet been able to verify this information, if
I ever will be. This seems to follow somewhat what might be considered
service in the military.

My ggrandfather was Morris (Moshe/Moses) DUBIN, his wife Ethel (Etta/Yetta)
SCHNEIDER Dubin and Sarah, Hannah(Anna), Mollia(Molly), and Esther.

It would be interested in knowing if anyone has heard of this type of
service to the Czar and have any information about my family.


Patricia Adams
Alstead, NH


MODERATOR NOTE: Alexander Sharon, in message #36, JGDG Digest
of Sun. 22 Nov. answers your question "...service to the Czar".
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