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BetteJoy wrote:

Simcha Glaser is searching for the Polish town of ZAVAD. Perhaps it is
ZAWADOW also known as Zavidov, located close to and north of Lviv.
Hope this helps.>
Betty Provizer Starkman, Michigan > BetteJoy@...

Well, another difficult search. Can you be a bit more precised (if you
can of course) about in what area of Poland this particular shtetl could
be located. Any hints would be helpful - was it at least Galicia or
Russian Poland. There are some reasons for asking this question:

Zavada is a slavic name for the English word " a barrier" and as you
have written it, can be find in Slovakia (three shtetls)and one is
located in western Ukraine. This one in Ukraine, near town Turka in
Galicia is probably one you are looking for if yor ancestor have
originated >from Eastern Galicia part f Poland. This shtel is located in
what used to be Jewish settlement area:

Please note that in Polish Zawada is written with "w" (Polish has to "v"
letter, but Slovak has, and the Ukrainian transcription to Latin, also
uses "v").

When you search bt using Polish equivalent of "zawada" you will arrive
with many more hamlets and villages all over Poland bearing this name:
31 (Thirty one alltogether)! :

It is very difficult indeed to pinpoint the particular location without
the prior knowledge of the region.

Good luck,

Alexander Sharon

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