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David W. Harris <dharris1@...>

My paternal Grandmother was Sarah (GOLDBERG) SAKOFF. She and my grandfather
emigrated >from Alexandrovsk (Ekaterinaslav gub) in 1906 and arrived in New
York where she died in 1932.

Other family members also arrived at the turn of the century, including

Louie and Risse ETKIN lived in the Bronx, NY and their children were Mary
(b. 1901), Celia (b. 1907) and Max (b. 1909).

Lazar and his wife had 6 children, 3 daughters and 3 sons. The daughters
were Freida and Ida and a third, name unknown. The sons included Harry,
Max, and a third, name unknown. The family, at some point, changed the
surname to GOALWIN. I found the obituary of Harry GOALWIN who died in 1969
on Long Island.

I am seeking further information on these two branches of the family.
Thank you.
Silver Spring, MD

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