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On 18 Nov 1998, Buck Sandhaus wrote:

A third location, Hlinitza (Ukraine), has been reliably linked to an even
larger grouping of my family members. . . except I cannot locate Hlinitza
I think you may be referring to what is now called Ilintsy, although my
family, who were born there, always called it Lenitz.
Searching for Ilintsy on the JewishGen shtetl seeker, I found three of
them in the Ukraine. I only have the coordinates of "my" Ilintsy, and
they are: > 4907 2912.
Glenda Rubin - glenda_rubin@... - San Francisco Bay Area
There is village Glinivce (pron. in Ukrainian Hlinivce) between
Zhitomir and Berdychev, next to town Andrusivka in Ukraine.
This used to be a heart of the Pale territory.

Alexander Sharon

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