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A letter to one of our members >from Dr. Rainer Egger, Director
of the War Archive in Vienna, contains information relevant
to some past discussions on this list.

1) If I have translated the German correctly, Herr Egger states
that individual service records of military personnel >from outside
the borders of modern-day Austria are not in the Archive.
Per the St. Germain Peace Treaty of 1919, these records--including
those for Polish and Ukrainian Galicia--remained in the custody
of the countries in which they were located after the fall of the
Habsburg monarchy, and were by and large destroyed.

2) _The Handbook of the Austro-Hungarian Army in War, June 1918_,
published by the British War Office, was reprinted in 1994
by Battery Press, and is currently available. Herr Egger quoted
from the book to explain our member's ancestor's status of "ersatz

Renee Steinig
JGS of Long Island

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