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David Ziants <davidz@...>

The moderator wrote concerning the relevance of Hebrew (or Yiddish)
pronunciation to genealogy:
MODERATOR NOTE: The original question was allowed because it was
deemed of genealogical value. The pronunciation of a word, when
transliterated into English or another language might change it
enough to make it difficult for a researcher to link it to a known
family name. ... Snipped...
Apart >from the aspect of difficulty in matching names because of different
pronunciations, there is another relevance to genealogy which hopefully
has been exemplified in this thread. This is the ability to *sometimes*
locate the whereabouts of the ancestry of a person by the way he prays.
*sometimes* - This is probably much more common with the older generations,
because often, nowadays, a person is taught differently to his paternal
For example: My grandfather's ashkenazi pronunciation nuances might possibly
be matched to others >from the Bialystok region, as he could have been taught
directly by his father. This would be untrue of my father and myself,
who were taught by others in our pre-bar-mitzva days.

David Ziants <>
Ma'aleh Adumim, Israel

ZIANTS was originally ZENETSKI >from Narewka, and also searching ISHMA
(became DAVIDSON) >from this town.

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