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Nick Landau <nick@...>

The current situation regarding all weddings in the UK is to be found
in this website:

Now it is possible to have a civil service in all manner of venues eg a
football stadium but this is a recent innovation. I believe that one of
the few or only groups allowed to have a wedding in the open until recently
were the Jews.

I am fairly certain that before these changes that the option was either to
get married in a registry office (civil) or to marry under a religious

My feeling is that if a denomination was not registered for marriages that
the couple would have to marry in a registry office and then presumably
have their own ceremony later on in their religious premises. Otherwise
there would have been no possibility for new denominations to arise able to
carry out their own services. They clearly would not emerge fully fledged
ready to carry out authorised marriage services.


Michael Slifkin) wrote:

The laws governing marriage in the UK are set out in the handbook given
to all marriage secretaries. However as I said it is only a technical
offence in that I have never heard of anyone being prosecuted for it.
I would imagine that hardly anybody knows about the law except marriage
secretaries. In the United Synagogues the minister is often the marriage
secretary and would know the law.
It is quite likely that most of the unregistered weddings are carried out
by people ignorant of the law. In my experience synagogue executives do
not want to do anything illegal and so do not allow unregistered weddings
to take place in their sybaggoues.If you belong to a synaggoue of any
denomination ask the marrriage secretary to check his handbook for you.
The situation with non-registered place of worships is that they arrange
for a marriage regisitrar to be present.

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