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First let me share my good fortune. I was just given a suitcase full
of pictures some of which hopefully
will lead me to my SEGALL family.

A number of the pictures >from the very early 1900's or even possibly
late 1800's were photographed
at the following: L Flaschner, Grand Rue, Iassy--les cliches sont

A few other pictures have written on the back --Souvenir, Fotografia
Artistica "Weiss", Jassy

Another photograph has written on the back---Souvenir--Photograhia
"Chaland" , Jassy

Another has written on the front of what seems to be a wedding
picture--Mon Portraits, 19 Avenue
de Clichy, Teleph. Marcadet 11-98

Another photo has written on the back in handwritting 7-10-45--
Bieu(n) Sincezeuacut ( hard for me to
read so I might have misspelled the word). It is signed Jules Segal.
Jules SEGAL might have been a
nephew of my grandfather Nathan SEGALL originally >from Romania.

One last photo written on September 10, 1933. It says, " We send
you this as a sign >from our ______.
That we are bethothed and you have realation in Romania to which you
write rarely" Signed,
Lotty Gurbeisl (not sure of spelling) and David SEGAL.

I hope that some of the above will help me find the SEGALL family
some of whom migrated to France.
They would be Jacques and Marcel--only two names that come to mind.
I so badly need help from
any and all that can provide it. Please help me if you can.

Good luck to all of us on our searches,

Lois SEGALL Friedman

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