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I had excellent service sending for my mother's naturalization papers by
e-mail at http:/ Her records were at the National Archives
Northeast Region in New York. Having my mother's final certificate with
crucial information I'm sure facilitated the search. However, I received
the application, petition, and certificate of arrival in two weeks with
the bill for $10.00 for the search. With my mother's recods, the clerk
had kindly enclosed an application for copies of the ship passenger
arrival records which I have sent for. What can I expect to find on those

My mother arrived in New York in July 26, 1909 (age 22 months) on the SS
Zeeland >from Antwerp. Her name was "Basche" BERGMAN. This was the first
time I knew her real first name since she was known as Bernice. Could
someone tell me the origin of the name Basche? Although my mother was
born in Malmo, Sweden, (her father, Herman BERGMAN was Swedish), I was
told that my gm Anna SMIGELSKY BERGMAN was Russian and Polish.

A Russian friend tells me that Bashe is not a Russian name. Is it Swedish?

The witnesses on her petition (Feb 10, 1934) were:

Lena Poster--201 Barrett St., Brooklyn, NY

Rose Imberman, 154 Avenue O (could be C), New York

I have also sent for my gf's death certificate >from the archives division
of NY on Chambers street, and for my uncle's birth certificate with a
check which has not yet been cashed. Tragically, Bernie Bergman was born
the same year his father Herman died in an accident.

Thank you for any information or advice.

Helen Saltman
Kensington, Calif.

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