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Len Pincus <lennyp@...>

Now that the FHL at SLC has helped me positivly identify the shtetl that my
GGM and kids came >from as Pietkowo, Poland/Russia, 1888, are there any
Jgenners out there with similar roots?
I have been told that no records exist for Pietkowo but it is near Lapy and
Bialystok and about 50 miles >from Lomza,so would it be possible that
Pietkowo records might be found in any of these towns?

Len Pincus


Searching: BERGER >from Pietkowo, PINKUS >from Odessa, SPIEGEL >from Brody,
MAZOR >from Odessa, SILVERSTEIN >from Berdichev, WEINSTEIN >from Fontana CA

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