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Paul Fisher <fisherpaul@...>

Dear Jewishgenners,

My grandmother came to Minnesota in 1906 via Quebec. She was quarantined
for 10 days. When I received the Canadian passenger manifest I found out
where she was quarantined: at Grosse Ile.

See the website for Grosse Ile. One of the children >from Grandma's
traveling party died and is probably buried there. Today I weep for
Resie Furman, age 9 months, died between April 30-May 9, 1906.

Does anybody know if there is a death record and how to obtain it?

Thanks so much.

Paul Fisher
Atlanta, Georgia

Searching BROUDE (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis, Philadelphia
KAPLAN (Kelme, Lithuania) and Minneapolis
FLEISHER (Kelme, Lithuania)
GRABINA (Wyszkow, Poland)
ZIMNOWODZ (Warsaw and Wyszkow, Poland)
SHER (Tolstoye, Ukraine) formerly Touste, Austria

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