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Heidi Farkash's fascinating quotes >from her family history bring up a
point I've wondered about - but not enough to do any research on it yet:
my father's cousin had, in the papers I inherited form her, 2 letters on
identical stationery, one in Russian that I can't read & 1 in French that
I can. Since the ink is also the same green, I assume they were
duplicates. The stationery is that of a high official of the Russian
Orthodox Church in Paris [I presume in exile] & the French letter states
that the bearer, Weira Pupko, is the daughter of one Vladimir Pupko whom
the writer knows to have been a devout Christian. [Neither of which
statements are true]. I have wondered it this was an isolated incident,
needless to say, & how one got such a letter...

Irene Newhouse

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